30M Walkabout Project
When you need to just relax and play QRP
30M QRP "Walkabout" Status
06/12/2009: Inop FCC-1 arrives from KE5ZFZ
06/13/2009: Repair FCC-1
06/12/2009: Built a 30M coil form for my BWV Antenna
06/15/2009: K1EL (K12) CW Keyer Kit arrives
06/15/2009: AD9834CRUZ-ND DDS Chip arrives
06/16/2009: FCC-2 Kit arrives from AK1P
06/21/2009: FCC-2 DDS VFO Kit Finished and works!
06/24/2009: K12 Keyer Kit Finished and works!
07/01/2009: MFJ 9330 arrives from K2ULR
07/08/2009: Interface K12 keyer to Cub - works great!
07/23/2009: MRF-237 Final TX Transistor arrives - installed on board - No Joy!
08/13/2009: FCC-2 DDS VFO married to MFJ Cub!
08/18/2009: 5W QRP Amp Kit arrives
08/23/2009: 5W QRP Amp Kit finished & working
08/24/2009: 30m band pass filter built, but don't like the insertion loss - no go for rig
08/27/2009: 5W QRP Amp Interfaced into MFJ Cub - works great!
08/27/2009: Receive parts - started building K6XX CW Indicator
08/28/2009: K6XX CW Tuning Indicator built
08/29/2009: Walkabout enclosure arrives
05/19/2010: Bought Motorola black cast-aluminum box to install rig
Walkabout refers to a rite of passage where male Australian Aborigines would undergo a journey during adolescence and live in the wilderness for a period as long as six months. In this practice they would trace the paths, or "songlines", that their people's ceremonial ancestors took, and imitate, in a fashion, their heroic deeds. 

Yes a Walkabout sounds very interesting and if they were amateur radio operators they would take this rig with them! No need to listen to contesters and high speed cw ops on the other bands. Just relax and have a few casual QSOs with your Walkabout. I hope you enjoy my Walkabout!
30M Walkabout
Hello all,
Welcome to my 30M Walkabout Project. I'm trying to build a 30M only transceiver for use outside on trails and for portable operations. 

FCC-1 Finished
FCC-2 Finished
DDS VFO Kit Finished
VFO Output @ 10mhz
DDS-VFO Sweep Charts

K1EL  (K12) Keyer
K12 Keyer Finished
K12 Review

MFJ 9330 Cub Rig
Cub Arrives
Add 5W QRP Amp
K6XX CW Indicator

DDS VFO interfaced
to MFJ Cub

Walkabout Power
Li-ion Battery
Protection PCB
Inside Rig

Walkabout Cabinet
Contact WA3WSJ
Hello all,

I'm about to take my "Walkabout" by marrying a MFJ 30M Cub to a FCC-2 DDS VFO. I call it my Walkabout Project! 

Part 1: add a keyer K1EL (K12)  to MFJ Cub
Part 2: add DDS VFO to MFJ 30M Cub
Part 3: add 5W amp to Cub
Part 4: add K6XX CW Indicator to Cub
Part 5: add internal Li-ion battery with proctection/charge board
Part 6: add new enclosure for the Cub

Kangaroo Ed, WA3WSJ
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