Black Widow Tripod Vertical
WA3WSJ's Portable Tripod Antenna
I usually operate as a pedestrian mobile station during NPOTA activations, but I needed an antenna that would setup in a few minutes with no tools and no trees or ground for a pole support. My answer is the Black Widow Tripod Vertical. This antenna sets up in less than five minutes with no tools or tuning so you're on the air fast!
The BW Tripod Vertical consists of the following parts:
1- Camera Tripod
2- Coil Assembly    (
3- Tent Shock-Corded poles for top (4ea.)
4- Clamp Coax Assembly to feed antenna
5-10 feet RG-174u Coax
6- Staedtler Telescopic Art Tube 3" x 28" - 49"  (Staples # 484943)

BW Tripod AssemblyBW Coax Clip with ground radial connectionBW Coil with quick disconnectsArt Tube 3" x 28" to 49" Lightweight
I added tap points to the coil and tuned with my analyzer for 40m, 30m, 20m and 18m. I use three 14.5 foot radials. You can add additional bands, but I only work these bands while out portable. All bands seem to tune very nicely with my Elecraft KX2 Radio.