Black Widow Mini Vertical
It will travel anywhere!
I needed an antanna that would fit in a backpack for travel on a plane or for hiking the AT. I think I finally found that antenna.  This baby will travel anywhere!  It works on 20m and 17m,  but with a larger coil for loading other bands may be added to the antenna.
The telescopic pole slides down to only nineteen inches!  It pulls out to over fourteen feet.  The picture shows all the parts to this antenna.
Pole length: 19" to 14.5 feet
Pole weight: 9 oz.
Wire & coax: 6.5 oz.
Coil Assembly: 3.5 oz.

Total weight: 1.1 lbs
                    1.5lbs with guys

Three radials of 14 feet each
Top radiator wire ~ 10.5 feet
Coax RG174 ~ 10 feet

The antenna loads up as follows:
20M: BW 800khz, SWR~ 1.1 o 1.3 across band
17M: SWR 1.5 across band

The pole is labled as an Olympic Brand and it looks like a Japan product.
Guy Assembly.
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