In April of 2015 a small military radio collectors group from Pennsylvania visited the National Cryptologic Mueseum near Baltimore , Maryland.  The pictures below were taken by WA3WSJ during this trip. I hope you enjoy them!

Bombe SignBombe MachineBombe WAVE operationBombe WAVES in actionBombe in museum
WA3WSJ's Bombe Place - Decode or Die!
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The British Bombe
Based on the information presented by the Poles, British mathematician Alan Turing developed a machine that was capable of recovering the key settings even if the Germans would drop the double encryption of the message key at the beginning of each message. The machine was called Bombe (later: Turing-Welchman Bombe) and was built by the British Tabulating Machine Company (BTM) in Letchworth, Hertfordshire (UK) under supervision of Harold (Doc) Keen .
The name was derived from Bomba, a similar machine developed by the Poles shortly before the outbreak of WWII. The Bomba exploited the fact that the same message indicator was sent twice at the start of each message, a major flaw in the German cryptographic procedures.
Although the concept of the Bomba was known to Bletchley Park, Turing wanted to try a different approach. When the Germans discovered the weakness they gave up the doubly enciphered indicator on 10 May 1940, the day Germany attacked France, redering the Bomba useless.