Digital IP Comms

Welcome to my DV4mini!
I'm far from an expert on  the DV4mini, but I like to play around with it and communicate with it around the world.  I originally setup a Yaesu Wires-X Node, but found very quickly that it needed to much maintenace for me.  So I went the DV4mini route.

If you would like to post your DV4mini picture/s here, email them to me.

Above are a few links that I hope will help DV4mini users - enjoy!
openSpot Page
Pipo-DV4mini Setup with FT1D HTPipo Battery from KX2, DV4mini & DV4mini Homebrew AntennaDV4mini Antenna
WA3WSJ's Fusion & D-Star Portable Setup
I now can operate my Pipo X9 with the DV4mini  and a Fusion or D-Star HT from anywhere.  I can run the Pipo from the house, my truck or from a battery in the field! I just received my Icom 51A Plus2 HT to use with the DV4mini on D-STAR.
Pipo Setup now with KB3SBC!
First QSO with SV1IT from Greece. OpenSpot and IC51Pro Plus2 HT using phone to monitor QSO and control OpenSpot.
Welcome to My openSpot !