WA3WSJ's HFpack Adventures
Welcome to my HFpack Adventures Page.  I purchased an ALICE Pack Frame  for my HFPack.

I built my HFpack and it seems to work great! I no longer own an Icom a 703 Plus as my Elecraft KX2 has replaced it.  I now just attach my KX2 to the ALICE Frame Waistbelt. The internal Li-ion battery in the KX2 is now used to power the rig - big savings in weight! 

10ahr Battery Shelf
WA3WSJ HF_Pack with 20m Procomm Stick etc.
WA3WSJ First HFpack QSO with KE4ZIP in FL on 14.282mhz @ 5W
KE4ZIP QSL: My first HFpack QSO on 5/10, 2010. 59 from Florida into PA on 14.282mhz @ 5W!
Icom 703 Plus head and Clip Assembly
Icom 703 Plus head mounted on Clip Assembly - side view
Icom 703 Plus Head Clipped on ALICE Frame Waist Belt - seems to work fine! Clips were purchased from Paint Dept. at Home Depot - $3.00 ea.
Added quick-disconnect antenna mount
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To receive one of my special QSL cards please  send WA3WSJ/pm a SASE to:

Edward R. Breneiser, WA3WSJ/pm
775 Moonflower Ave.
Reading, PA  19606-3447

*** Please write WA3WSJ/pm QTH on the back of the outside envelope you send me. I've operated from many QTHs-hi! ***
Kulikova Top Whip Section replaced older top
Top Adapter for Kulikov Whip made by KB3SBC
Top adapter Kulikov Whip being inserted in it
BuddiePole Quick Disconnect Bottom
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Palm Mini Paddle 

Great paddle for portable operation. The paddles simply slip into the case for travel!
WA3WSJ/pm  - Pulpit Rock, PA
"Once You Go /pm, You'll Never Go Back"
K7SZ at his best!
Friday Dinner
WA3WSJ/pm Saturday
Bonnie & Dennis
KI0PF Net Control
HFpack at Dayton
Bonnie Interview
N7UN, K1YPP and wife
ARRL Arrival
ARRL Teachers Institute
N3SW @ W1HQ Station in ARRL
Ed Hare, W1RFI's Desk -- Mess!
W1AW/pm de WA3WSJ
WA3WSJ operating Spark Gap TX
W1AW/pm ARRL Sign
W1AW/pm QSL Card
Highlands Lodge, NH
WA3WSJ Crawford Path Hike Start
Gibbs Falls on Crawford Path
WA1PDY aka Candyman & N3SW Mizpah Hut 3800' el.
N3SW Mizpah Dinner
Mizpah to Mt Pierce Trail - WOW!
N3SW with Grayjay Bird -in-Hand!
Alpine Zone
N3SW  to Mt Franklin
Franklin back to Mt Eisenhower
WA3WSJ Mt Franklin
Mt Monroe
Lakes of the Clouds Hut - 5050'
Lakes Hut Power
Alpine Lake near Lakes Hut - 5200'
Lakes of the Clouds Hut Sign
Mt Washington - 6288"
Cog Railway Summit Mt Washington
N3SW Highlands Lodge
HFpack Icom 703 +, BuddieStick and Water-Bottle Li-ion Battery
Icom 703 Pack
7.2AH Li-ion Battery
Two Diode voltage -dropping Kludge
BuddieStick Coil
BuddieStick broke down
ALICE Frame Anteena Mount
*  Icom 703 HFpack Build  pictures 2010

*  WA3WSJ/pm BuddieStick Mods

*  Icom 703 Plus HFpack 2012 Build

*  Dayton FDIM 2012 Trip

*  ARRL  2012 Trip

*  NH White Mountains 2012 Trip

*  Colorado PM 2013 Trip 

* Shenandoah NP SOTA 2014 Trip

* Blenheim Covered Bridge 2/10,2019

GOG Sign
GOG Valley & Pikes Peak
GOG Rocks
GOG WA3WSJ/pm Pikes Peak in Background
W0RW/pm Devil's Head Trailhead
W0RW/[m & WA3WSJ/pm DH Fire LO
W0RW/pm American Eagle Mine
Rainbow in the Mountains
WA3WSJ/pm Red Rock Canyon, CO QSL Card
800' Dunes!
Dunes & Mtns Beautiful!
WA3WSJ/pm Dune Shadow
WA3WSJ/pm Dunes QSL
Capulin Vlocano ( CAVO) Sign
CAVO Rim Trail
WA3WSJ/pm operating summit of Pikes Peak
WA3WSJ/pm PP Sign add five feet to elevation now!
PP Cog Trains
SNP Tunnel
Stony man Mtn
Hawksbill Mtn
Byird Nest Shelter on AT near Hawksbill Mtn
Byrds Nest Shelter Inside
Hawksbill Trail _Summit
Hawkbill Summit View
Hawksbill Summit
WA3WSJ/pm Hawksbill Mtn Summit
Hazeltop Overlook
Hazeltop Mtn View
WA3WSJ Hiker Mirror Closeup
CCC Camp W3FEM Station
AT to Pinncle Mtn
Pinncle Mtn View
WA3WSJ/pm Summit Pinncle Mtn