Welcome to the WA3WSJ KX1 QRP Shack!  This is where I'll place all my KX1 stuff.
WA3WSJ's KX1 Stuff
KX1  K6XX CW SMD Indicator  Board
KX1 Internal Li-ion 12V Battery & Solar Charger
Iditarod Mini Dipole
MPS-100 2W Speaker-Amp
I hope you enjoy my KX1 Page!  This is where I'll  post all my Elecraft KX1 stuff. I use my KX1 when I hike the Appalachian Trail and for one of my HFpacks.  By modifying the KX1 to increase the output power to 4W, installing a 1.5AH Li-ion battery and installing a CW indicatot kit, the KX1 is now a great trail radio.

To view my Elecraft KX1 HFpack, just click the link.

KX1 Wire Bead Antenna
KX1  K6XX CW SMD Indicator  Board Full Instructions
KX1  Power Output Modification
KX1 HT Conversion