Military Radio Collector Association
Eastern Pennsylvania
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Welcome , this page will list some of the activities of a small group of amateur radio operators who love to take their military radio gear into the field and operate.
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Hopewell Fire Tower 9/14/2014
Maryland  Musuems Trip 2015
K3DBD with F16 RadarTAM-5 ProjectTAM-5 MapTAM-5 TeamMRCA Inside museumWAVES running BombesAWAC Aircraft AntennaEnigma G KB3SBC Operating Station at museum
Mt Davis Trip May 6, 2015
KB3SOM Truck flat tire going upKB3SBC antenna bottom matchKB3SBC OpKB3SOM Op1KB3SOM Op2KB3SOM BuddiePoleKB3SBC RadiosOperating Site Day 2
MREKC3EAH Dognut Hog!KA3RMM2m & 440 Beams VHF/UHF Contest6M BeamKB3SBC Eating KB3SOM OpComputerKB3SBC Op
Hopewell Fire Tower 9/13/2015