Paul Signorelli, W0RW 
Pedestrian Mobile Operator Extraordinar
This page is dedicated to an amateur radio operator who has done more than any individual I know of to advance the art or science of operating pedestrian mobile in the QRP community.

Please take the time to read Paul's Bio and then browse the various articles he has written over the years to advance this wonderful hobby of ours.

   100 Countries on a 10 Foot Whip

   A Walk in the Park

    High Adventure

    Bear Interrupts DX Operation

    W0RW Log Summary 2007 -2009   

    The Sunspots are Gone and the Weather Outside is Frightful

   Inside the Log of a Pedestrian Mobile Op

    It was a Bright and Sunny Day: Santa Fe Trail 2010

    Rare Pedestrian Mobile Contact with the UK

    Check DX propagation with Beacons

    Paraset Adventure

    It was a Cold Night, but not Windy: FYBO 2010


    PRC64 Portable Operation


   PRC319 Description