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The Magic Band - You Gotta  Believe!
Anyone Listening?
Hello all,
I've been a licensed ham since 1973, but never have played around on 6M until this year 2009.  I made my very first 6M contact with Bill, KA3TKV, on 50.125mhz. We then moved off the calling frequency to 50.129mhz.  I don't own a 6M antenna, but I tried loading my TA-33 Beam - no go!  I then tried my Butternut HF-2V Vertical and the SWR was 2.5:1. My Kenwood TS-480SAT internal antenna tuner would tune this SWR and it worked!  We held a 6M QSO for a little over one hour - cool!
" The fact is, though, that 6 meters is arguably the only amateur band that supports, at one time or another, virtually every radio propagation mode currently known. That's why it's called the Magic Band!" - W3ZZ