WA3WSJ's NPOTA Future Plans 
We're so far down the hole - we can't see daylight!
Please check back here to find out about any future NPOTA Activations that WA3WSJ/pm and KB3SBC will do in the coming months. 

We are always planning ways to get in to trouble - hi! 

We plan to activate three NC Outter Bank Parks starting October 4, 5 & 6th, 2016.
We will drive to the Outter Banks on the 4th and hopefully start operating until the 6th.

WA3WSJ/pm:  14.061mhz, 7.031mhz  CW
KB3SBC:           14.293mhz  SSB, 7.293mhz  SSB

10/4   1400 UTC
 Richmond (BP03)
 Petersburg (BF08)

10/5   1400 UTC 
 Cape Hatteras (SS04)
 Fort Raleigh (NS23)
Wright Brothers (NM29)

10/06  1400 UTC
 Prince William Forest Park (DZ08)
 Fredericksburg (MP02)P
Edgar Allan Poe NHS Event (NS12)  October 22

Please note that the below QSL Card and certificate are available from WA3WSJ only.
If you work WA3WSJ and want a card and or certificate, please send WA3WSJ a QSL Card with a SASE for the card and/or certificate.