Welcome to my NPOTA Page.  This is where I'll post all my NPOTA Activation pictures etc. If you worked me, I operated as pedestrian mobile on HF.
Delaware Water Gap NPOTA Trip 1/2016 - TR01, RC07 & SOTA W2/NJ-003
Mochian Outdoor Center LodgeMOC Sunset Cabin 2016AT SignFire Tower Sign
Catfish Fire TowerKB3SBC's Girls!WB3GCK, WA3WSJ, NK1N & KB3SBC at Crater Lake, NJKB3SBC Catfish Fire Tower OpNK1N Catfish Fire Tower OpWB3GCK Catfish Fire Tower OpWA3WSJ/pm Catfish Fire Tower OP 2016
Crater Lake 2016
Crater Lake TrailSOTA W2/NJ-003 Trail to SummitKB3SBC DV Mini in CabinCabin Ops
WA3WSJ/pm Catfish Fire Tower, AT , NJ
Hopewell Furnace NPOTA Trip 1/20/2016 - NS37
Hopewell During 1800sHopewell Water Wheel PowerHopewell InfrastructureHopewell LaborHopewell Furnace WorkersHopewell MinesHopewell Moving ProductsHopewell StovesHopewell Stove
Paterson Great Falls NPOTA Trip 1/27/2016 - HP34
Hamilton StatueKB3SBc-WA3WSJFallsFalls TopFalls BottomKB3SBC_OpKB3SBC-WI2W FallsKB3SBC-RangerWA3WSJ/pm FallsWA3WSJ/pm Mic!WI2W Mtn Topper1WI2W Go KitKB3SBC  LunchKB3SBC-Waitress1KB3SBC Waitress2Libbys CookLibbys  Retirees Table - Busted My Ass!Fameous TX Wener XL Lunch!
Valley Forge NP  NPOTA Trip 2/2/2016 - HP46
Click here to view certificate for working three battlefields.
Please note the certificate pictures may change in the final draft.
Certificate is printed on 8.5" x 11" parchment paper.

If you work WA3WSJ or KB3SBC at any of the above three civil war battlefields and want a certificate, please QSL to WA3WSJ at CBA. No money or SASE is necessary.
Civil War Battlefields  NPOTA Tour -  2/11 to 2/13, 2016 : MP03, BF01, BF06
WA3WSJ/pm VF NHP (HP46)VF National Memorial ArchArch Sign1
Arch Sign2Washington ChapelChapel Stained GlassChapel Sglass 2Chapel SGlass3
VF NHS Train StationWashington's HeadquartersWashington Hqtrs Cabins
VA MonumentLincoln & KB3SBCKB3SBC & Rasberry Pi-2
Gettysburg NMP 2/11/2016 (MP03)
Eisenhower NS 2/11/2016 (NS13)
KB3SBC & Tour GuideHouse LeftHouse RightD-Day PosterMrs. EisenhowerDinning RoomPresident's Painting
Catoctin Mountain NP (DZ01)
WA3WSJ/pm with KB3SBC Truck!
Camp David is close -  I had the Secret Service stop and question me - cool!
Antietam BF 2/12/2016 (BF01)
Visitor CenterKB3SBC with yet another woman!BattlefieldBattlefieldLee picture in visitors centerPA 124th InfantryPA 125th Marker in fieldPA 125 Volunteers125th Minument PlaquePA 128th Vlounteers MonumentPA 128th Vl Monument PlaqueKB3SBC in towerIrish Brigage Monument at towerIrish Monument PlaqueMonument from tower
cemetery and graves
Monocacy BF 2/13/2016 (BF06)
KB3SBC with staffWA3WSJ/pm frigid weather!Monocacy Battlefield light mapBattle MapWA3WSJ/pm in snowWA3WSJ/pm on the move!
Brandywine Creek NP 2/18/2016 (HP12)